Razorpay • v0.1.0

Razorpay extension for FOSSBilling

Molllie for FOSSBilling

Razorpay Integration for FOSSBilling

Provide your FOSSBilling customers with a variety of payment options, including Credit/Debit cards, Netbanking, UPI, Wallets, and more through Razorpay.

Disclaimer: This module is not officially affiliated with FOSSBilling or Razorpay. Please refer to their respective documentation for detailed information on FOSSBilling and Razorpay.


1). Extension directory

The easiest way to install this extension is by using the FOSSBilling extension directory.

2). Manual installation

  1. Download the latest release from the extension directory
  2. Create a new folder named Razorpay in the /library/Payment/Adapter directory of your FOSSBilling installation
  3. Extract the archive you've downloaded in the first step into the new directory
  4. Go to the "Payment gateways" page in your admin panel (under the "System" menu in the navigation bar) and find Razorpay in the "New payment gateway" tab
  5. Click the cog icon next to Razorpay to install and configure Razorpay


  1. Access Razorpay Settings: In your FOSSBilling admin panel, find "Razorpay" under "Payment gateways."
  2. Enter API Credentials: Input your Razorpay API Key and API Secret. You can obtain these from your Razorpay panel.
  3. Configure Preferences: Customize settings like currency and payment methods as needed.
  4. Save Changes: Remember to update your configuration.
  5. Test Transactions (Optional): Test your gateway integration through a payment process.
  6. Go Live: Switch to live mode to start accepting real payments.


Once you've installed and configured the module, you can start using Razorpay as a payment gateway in your FOSSBilling setup. Customers will now see Razorpay as an option during the payment process based on the configuration you have set.


We welcome contributions to enhance and improve this integration module. If you'd like to contribute, please follow these steps:

Fork the repository.

Create a new branch for your feature or bugfix: git checkout -b feature-name. Make your changes and commit them with a clear and concise commit message. Push your branch to your fork: git push origin feature-name and create a pull request.


This FOSSBilling Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration module is open-source software licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

For support or questions, feel free to contact me at albinvar@pm.me

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  • v0.1.0