Mollie • v0.0.3

Mollie extension for FOSSBilling

Molllie for FOSSBilling

Mollie for FOSSBilling

Quickly and easily integrate Mollie into your FOSSBilling instance using this extension.

Warning This extension, like FOSSBilling itself is under active development but is currently very much beta software. This means that there may be stability or security issues and it is not yet recommended for use in active production environments!


Extension directory

The easiest way to install this extension is by using the FOSSBilling extension directory.

Manual installation

  1. Download the latest release from the extension directory
  2. Create a new folder named Mollie in the /library/Payment/Adapter directory of your FOSSBilling installation
  3. Extract the archive you've downloaded in the first step into the new directory
  4. Go to the "Payment gateways" page in your admin panel (under the "System" menu in the navigation bar) and find Mollie in the "New payment gateway" tab
  5. Click the cog icon next to Mollie to install and configure Mollie


We love our contributors! Feel free to create a pull request if you want to help out.

Not a developer? No problem! You can also help us by reporting bugs, creating feature requests or by donating to the project over GitHub sponsors or Open Collective.


This extension is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for more information.


This extension is not affiliated with Mollie B.V. in any way. Mollie is a registered trademark of Mollie B.V. The "official" word refers exclusively to the fact that this extension is the only one that is officially supported by the FOSSBilling team. It does not imply any endorsement by Mollie B.V.

Extension details

Latest release


  • v0.0.3
  • v0.0.2
  • v0.0.1