BTCPay • v0.1.5

BTCPay extension for FOSSBilling

BTCPay plugin for FOSSBilling

For FOSSBilling versions > 0.6.0

Integration Requirements

This version requires the following:

  • A working and up-to-date FOSSBilling instance
  • Running BTCPay instance: deployment guide

Installing the Plugin

1). Extension directory

The easiest way to install this extension is by using the FOSSBilling extension directory.

2). Manual installation

  1. Download the latest release from the releases
  2. Create a new folder named BTCPay in the /library/Payment/Adapter directory of your FOSSBilling installation
  3. Extract the archive you've downloaded in the first step into the new directory
  4. Go to the "Payment gateways" page in your admin panel (under the "System" menu in the navigation bar) and find BTCPay in the "New payment gateway" tab
  5. Click the cog icon next to BTCPay to install and configure BTCPay

Plugin Configuration

After you have enabled the BTCPay plugin, the configuration steps are:

  1. Enter your Host URL (for example, without slashes.
  2. Enter your API Key [Account > Manager Account > Api Keys] Permissions : [,]
  3. Enter your Store id (Settings > General > Store Id)
  4. Enter your IPN Webhook Secret Key (Settings > Webhook > Create Webhook) [Events : A payment has been settled, An invoice has expired, An invoice has been settled, An invoice became invalid]
  5. Tax Included
  6. Speed Policy Options [High,Medium,Low, Low Medium : speed]

Debugging Webhook Callbacks

Enable Debugging:

  • Open config.php and set debug => true

  • Remember to revert this setting to false once you have finished debugging.

View Callback Responses

  • You can find the responses from callbacks in the log files located at FossBilling /data/log/event/event-date.log.

Example of debugging callbacks

  • [BTCPay] validation has failed. HTTP_BTCPAY_SIG : "" IPN Secret : "********"
  • In this scenario, your IPN Secret is incorrect.


This FOSSBilling BTCPay Payment Gateway Integration module is open-source software licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Extension details

Latest release


  • v0.1.5
  • v0.1.4
  • v0.1.3