Example • v0.0.5

An example module for developers to get started.

Example module README file

This module provides a starting point for the developers on creating their FOSSBilling module.

Explore the files and comments in the code to understand the structure of the module better. See the social links on our website if you need further information. This module has its own GitHub repository where you can submit issues and pull requests.

In general, we use modules to extend the functionality of FOSSBilling.

All modules can communicate with the other modules using their API endpoints.

Technical requirements about modules


  • Module folder has to contain a manifest.json file to describe itself. The module engine will look for this file to find information about your extension.


  • README.md - A file which generally is used to hold a getting started guide or installation instructions for your module.
  • html_admin - A folder holding front-end templates (*.html.twig files) for the administrator panel.
  • html_client - A folder holding front-end templates (*.html.twig files) for the client / guest area.

Controller folder

  • Admin.php - Defines the module's routes and navigation items for the administrator panel.
  • Client.php - Used to define the module's routes for the client / guest area.

Api folder

  • Admin.php - Administrator API, only authorized administrators will be able to call these endpoints.
  • Client.php - Client API, only logged in clients will be able to call these endpoints.
  • Guest.php - Guest API, no authorization is needed for these endpoints. Don't provide confidential data over these endpoints. Anybody over the internet will be able to access these information, including bots.


We recommend hosting your extensions on a public GitHub repository.

Automated compatibility checking

As FOSSBilling evolves and matures, its internal functionality changes, which can create compatibility issues between your module and FOSSBilling. To help developers catch these issues early on, we've designed a workflow that enables you to perform a PHPStan analysis of your module with both the latest FOSSBilling release and its preview builds. While PHPStan cannot perform live tests, it's a useful tool to verify that your module doesn't reference missing functions, use incorrect types, or have other common low-level issues.


More in-depth instructions are planned. For now, check out the required files:


This extension is open source software and is released under the Apache v2.0 license. See LICENSE for the full license terms.

This product includes the following third party work:

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